Registration & Admission:

Registration starts from 5th January 2016. Admission for session 2017-18 starts from 22nd January 2017 onwards till 31st March 2017 if vacancy exists. Parents desirous of getting their wards admitted should fill the registration form. The registration forms are available at the school counter. The registration fee is neither refundable nor transferable.

Admission Form and Prospectus may be obtained from the school office by paying Rs.500/- (Rs.Five hundred only) This is neither refundable nor transferable. There is no additional fee for admission test or interaction.

(Note: You can download the school prospectus for Session 2017-18 from the given link.)

Eligibility for Admission:

Age limit for  Std. I to Std. X- as 6 yrs, 7 yrs, 8 yrs. and so on on the date of Admission.

For  Std. II to IX- on transfer certificate/First come First.

Special concession in Admission charges to poor & meritorious students.

Scholarship for extra ordinary student.

Economically and deprived students about 25% of students are given education without charging admission charge/caution money & deduction in tuition fee to a great extent up to 75%.


Admission Procedure:

1.Admission in the school is done on first come first basis.

2.Parents are required to bring the student seeking admission with them.

3. Student are required to bring the last year report card for the eligibility for admission into next class.

4. Parents are requested to pay the school fees as mentioned in the Fee Structure Proforma within 7 days to secure the seat for their wards, failing which, it will be allotted to the next candidate on the list.

5. Joining instructions are given to concerned parents so as to enable them to make necessary preparations.

6. The newly admitted children are expected to report to the school by 10.00 hrs. on the next day after admission.

7.Parents are requested to collect the school calendar and provide the student school uniform, books and required stationary to them within one week of admission.

8. Since the standard of English is very high as compared to the S.S.C. Board, parents are requested to give enough emphasis on English during summer vacation to cover the syllabus provided so that their child is able to cope up with the normal standards when he joins the school. This would give him a good start.

Student Admission Disclosures :

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Fee Structure:

Tuition Fee/Month:

Pre Nursery to I  :Rs. 800/-
Std. II to IV          :Rs. 900/-
Std.V & VII          :Rs. 1100/-
Std.VIII to X        :Rs. 1300/-
Std. XI to XII       :Rs. 2000/-
Admission Fee(one time) :Rs.2500/-
Caution Money(Refundable) :one time Rs.1100/-
Registration (one time) :Rs.400/-
Exam. Fee (Twice in year) April & Feb. :Rs.600/-
Annual Fee all students(One time) : Rs.2000/-
Conveyance Charge/Month if applicable : Rs.350/- and above as per location.

Fee Regulation:

Fee Payment:-every month on 4th, 5th & 6th in advance. In exigencies, on 9th & 10th without fine. Failing which Rs.10/- fine for every day default. If a child fails to pay for two months His/Her name will be removed from the Roll. Fresh admission will have to be taken after paying re-admission fee along with arrears.