Curriculum of Study

“Curriculum does not mean only academic subjects traditionally taught in the school, but it includes totality of experiences that a pupil receives through the manifold activities that go in the school, the classroom, library, laboratory, workshop, and playground and in the numerous contacts between the teachers and pupils. In this sense whole life of school becomes curriculum, which can touch the life of student at all points and help him in the development of a balanced personality (Pritam, 2004).”

School Curriculum

The School has well structured planning for the new academic session with activities included in the main course of study to focus on all-round development of each student as per the C.B.S.E.Guidelines.

The School Curriculum is well planned ahead to accomplish the intensive study as per the guidelines from C.B.S.E.

Below is the glimpse of this academic session planning: 

Academic Planning
Book List for Nur. to XClick Here
C.B.S.E. Nur-XI Class Routine Click Here
Annual Study Plan for Nur. to XII Click Here
Holiday Schedule Academic Year and Monthly Calendar Click Here
C.B.S.E. VI to XII Syllabus Monthwise Split up Click Here
C.B.S.E. XI Science and Commerce Syllabus Click Here
C.B.S.E. XII Science and Commerce Syllabus Click Here
Examination ScheduleClick Here

The school has following sections:

I. Primary Section: - Nursery to Std. II

The Children are taught spoken English and Numerals. Talents in the fields of Art, Craft, Music, Singing and Dramatics are developed. To improve the psychomotor domain, children are exposed to various activities such as plasticine moulding, paper folding, fitting block to insects etc. The foundation for good handwriting is laid here. The child is exposed to the experience of interacting in a peer group.  

 II. Junior Section: - Std. III to Std. V                                                                                          

These sections help the children to develop their all-round personality. In the classroom, the child is encouraged to understand rather than to memorize, to enjoy learning, to think independently and logically and to develop good study habits. The subjects taught include English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Moral Science, etc.

 III. Senior Section: - Std. VI to Std. X

At this level, students are prepared for higher learning. Here the emphasis is laid on providing a strong foundation in subjects such as English, Hindi, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Science, Social Science, Computer Science, Moral Science, etc. with strong focus for the competitive examinations with curriculum designed as per the guidelines from C.B.S.E. for Seconday School.

IV. Senior Secondary Section: - Std. XI to Std. XII

The syllabus is in accordance with CBSE guidelines. The school offers Science and Commerce stream in classes XI from session 2014-15. After careful career counseling, aptitude tests and appropriate C.G.P.A in class X various combinations of subjects are being offered to students to enable them to pursue a career of their choice later in life. Students will be prepared regularly for CBSE exams by concentrating on the prescribed CBSE syllabus, assignment booklets and monitoring programs. Opportunities are provided at every level to the students for the exercise of their reflective powers, artistic abilities and practical work.

Courses offered:

Courses have been devised with the aim that students can take their secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination according to CBSE pattern of Education. Options available for students of XI and XII:-

(a) Engineering Group: - English, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, Computer Science, 6th Subject – Health and Physical Education.

(b) Medical Group Compulsory Subjects:- English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology, Mathematics or Computer Science. 6th Subject – Health and Physical Education.

(c) Commerce Group Compulsory subjects: - English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics or Computer Science, 6th Subject – Health and Physical Education/ Painting/ Commercial Arts.


The School Library has a separate 'Vocational Guidance Section' which provides latest information about the various competitive examinations and admission to Institutions of higher learning. Additionally, all the relevant books and magazines giving up-to-date information about professional courses such as Medical, Engineering, NDA, Chartered Accountancy etc. are made available to the students. Separate reference files are maintained in the library to find out all these details in the shortest possible time and help students choose a career.

Year-wise break-up of syllabus:

 B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2019-20                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2018-19                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2017-18                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2016-17                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2015-16                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2014-15                Click Here 

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2013-14                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2012-13                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2011-12                Click Here

B.P.S.Annual Study Plan 2010-11                Click Here

B.P.S.Term Study Plan 2009-10                 Click Here

B.P.S.Term Study Plan 2008-09                Click Here

Text Books:

N.C.E.R.T. Books and other standard books available which provides the students a good practice and learning according the C.B.S.E., New Delhi Guidelines.

The list of books & stationary is given for each class at the time of admission.

Our Teachers:

Our faculty at the School enlarges the learning experience. The teachers  along with the regular teaching are actively involved in the extra and co-curricular activities that are penciled into the daily routine of the students.Every teacher is assigned a tutorial group. The interaction with this group goes beyond the usual facilitator's role. Pastoral and counselor roles are merged, and the students benefit immensely.

Faculties & Staff:

Teachers form the backbone of any institution and BPS realizes this fully. We have dedicated and learned faculty of outstanding caliber and academic credentials. We take pride of our best teaching faculty and excellent student-teacher ratio.

Teachers develop close relationships with children and are loved as much as their own kith and kin! A quiet respect - not fear - is the emotion that teachers seek to inspire in their students.


Teaching Methodology

We believe that a nation is built in its educational institutions. The object of teaching a child is to enable him to act independently with confidence and unfold his capabilities to learn with interest.

Stress is laid on giving individual attention to each student for class room study and to complete home work assignment in the school itself in extra class to avoid private tuition.

At BPS, each section is of 30-40 students and efforts are made to provide enough stimuli and cultivation of mind and not mere cramming of books for examination.

The details of academic planning and teaching pedagogy can be downloaded here.


Our Students:

Our students come from diverse backgrounds and find comfort in knowing each and every one of them, irrespective of caste, creed, region, nationality or economic background.

Our students have proven over the last four years that the school education system promotes the overall development of the personality. Participating in a plethora of activities, gives our students opportunities to identify their talents and develop their skills.

Competitive Environment:

A step forward keeping in mind to give our students a national level competence the school is registered with Science Olympiad Foundation (S.O.F.),New Delhi, for the year 2011-12 with 86 students participating in Maths,Science and English Olympiads(Click Here).

You can download the result announced by Science Olympiad Foundation,New Delhi for this year National Science Olympiad examination(Click Here).

You can download the result announced by Science Olympiad Foundation,New Delhi for this year International Mathematics Olympiad examination(Click Here).

15 students qualified for the Level-II examination conducted by Science Olympiad Foundation,New Delhi for this year to prove their talent at International Level.

Smart Learning/ E-learning Classes:

Recently the school has started Audio-Visual Classes as new initiative to provide better understanding of the subject topic where the animated visuals make the students learn in better way in short time. It covers the students from Std. I to X  for Science, Mathematics, Social Science and English.

Awards & Honours:

Students excelling  in studies and/or games other competitions are awarded / honoured at frequent occassions during the academic session to keep them motivated.

Evaluation Weightage :

The following criteria is followed as per the C.B.S.E. guidelines for the continuous evaluation throughout the academic session:

(a) Annual examination will be conducted covering the complete portion at the end of  the year, where maximum marks will be 80 and student need to secure min 27 marks (33% to pass).

(b) Internal assessment marks distribution will be as follows : (students need to secure minimum 7 marks out of 20)

(i) 3 Periodic Tests – weightage – 10%

(ii) Notebook maintenance – 5%

(iii) Subject Enrichment Activities – 5% 

Examination and Promotion :

Promotion is based on the day-to-day work of the students and also on the performance in the various assessments conducted based on C.B.S.E. evaluation guidelines throughout the academic session.

I. Previous Years Assessment Record: (Class XII)

School Result Class XII Session 2018-19          Click Here

School Result Class XII Session 2017-18          Click Here

School Result Class XII Session 2016-17          Click Here

School Result Class XII Session 2015-16          Click Here

II. Previous Years Assessment Record: (Class X)

School Result Class X Session 2018-19            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2017-18            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2016-17            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2015-16            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2014-15            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2013-14            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2012-13            Click Here

School Result Class X Session 2011-12            Click Here

III. Previous Years Assessment Record:(Class Nur to VIII)

Marks Register Session 2018-19                     Click Here

Marks Register Session 2017-18                     Click Here

Marks Register Session 2016-17                     Click Here

Marks Register Session 2015-16                     Click Here

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